Making a film is only half the job. The other half is getting it out there where it can help change the world. Loud Mouth Films has created the Chea Vichea Project to multiply the impact of Who Killed Chea Vichea?.

CV funeral image
Bless the soul of Chea Vichea.
And believe that if they kill one Chea Vichea, there will be ten Chea Vicheas, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million Chea Vicheas!

— Prince Norodom Sirivudh,
at Vichea's funeral

In addition to funding production of the film, the Chea Vichea Project will continue to

  • develop educational resources to supplement the film
  • subtitle the film in languages that wouldn't otherwise be economically viable
  • promote and support screenings in target communities
  • bring the film to audiences outside the broadcast area

The focus is not only Cambodian people in and out of Cambodia but also people in communities and countries that face similar issues related to labor, globalization, human rights and freedom of expression.

We are grateful to our original fiscal sponsor, Asia Catalyst,
and to the following individuals and organizations for their help:

Lee Berthiaume • Sarit Bay • Sambun Boun • Judith Bromley • Cambodian Veterans Association • Christina Cantrill • Safiy Cham • Sideth Chiv • Phanny & Phanna Chhin • An Chy • Wesley Clarke • Agnes Crane and John Watling • Michael Cowden • Matthew Cullen • Oudom Danh • Kate Doherty • Leang Eav • Serafino Garella • Poppy Garner • Sokmakara Hang • Mary Harris • Saren & Chantha Has • Jeffrey Herman • Wendy Ingram • Nick Jehlen • Rae Julian • Jason Judd • Hillary A. Kane • Thon Kas • The Kimmelman Family Foundation • Anne Knipper • Pharin Kong • Thoeuy Kong • David Kopilow • Caroline Leopold • Layso Lor • Lowell Film Collaborative • Robyn Mace • Jack Madson • Stew Magnuson • Mary Jo Markey • Christina Mawer • Andrew Melnyk • Robert Melnyk • Nancy Mills • Thithia & Yann Morl • Sarah Nachmias • Vue-Hao Ngoy • Mark & Leslie Olson • Bunthan Oum • Bill Parsons • Wendy Peikes • Navy Phim • Judith Queen • Paul Rayhorn • Charito Riley • Seatha Say • Chou Saroeung • Sreymom Serey • Savant Sir • Bruce Sharp • Andrew Soloway • Channdara Sos • Tep Sothy • Sam Sun • Valerie Taing • Sivind Tep • Chhay Thong • Cynthia Turner • Ung Bun Ang • Yien Uy • Va Mony • Bunthang Van • Sereyvuth Var • Jeffrey Vogt • Nilsson Year • Yuthea Yun


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